Step 4: Step two

Picture of Step two
marker with steelwool.JPG
marker right side clean.JPG
The furniture I am working on is worn and rustic.  I can be a little more agressive cleaning it.  By the same token, since it is so worn and dry, the marker stains are in pretty deep.  I applied laquer thinner to a piece of ### steel wool.  Again work in the direction of the grain.  If you are working on a piece with a nicer finish you should not use anything coarser than 0000.  You will leave a dull spot in the finish if you overwork it.  You certainly do not want to make your furniture worse.

I normally would not suggest sandpaper except that I am using it on this particular project.  There were some pretty dark marker stains that penetrated where no finish was present to act as a barrier.  Since I am going to restain the cabinet I am going a step further and sanding some of the particularly nasty spots.  After all, not one side of the three tables was spared marker, pen or crayola damage.    If possible, I will update with a picture of the table stained and finished.

I hope this was helpful.  Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.  Thanks!