Introduction: How to Remove Scratches From Laptop or Plastic Electronics (Quick Tip)

Hi! Do you have scratches on your laptop cover or plastic iPhone, Android, etc? Then here is a quick tip video on how to remove the scratches using Meguiar's Plastx scratch removal system.


offtherails2010 (author)2012-01-22

D-U-D-E !!!
Awesome - Many thanks for the upload, ordered mine today !!!

Hi dude. Where did you order it from. I've just got a laptop but it's got 2 scratches on under the kid and I'm wondering how to get some sort of scratch remover for laptops

You're welcomed! Glad to help out. Thanks for watching!

RTRmaveric (author)2014-12-09

Would this also work with the textured matte finish of the ASUS E451LD-XB51?

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