How to Remove and Replace a Weslock Doorknob


Introduction: How to Remove and Replace a Weslock Doorknob

I have an older home, and found a Weslock door knob on one of my doors that I wanted to swap out with a locking knob made by Defiant. At the local Home Depot, the only two brands of knobs that I saw were Defiant and Keystone. I don't know if Weslock still exists, it might be rare. I attempted to remove the Weslock knob, but to my frustration I could not figure it out.

Google is your friend, right? A quick search for how to remove this knob came up nil. I came across a forum that vaguely spelled out how to remove this. I think a step by step guide with pictures would help. It annoys me how vague a description is. When someone asks how to do something, don't give them a vague answer assuming they know what certain technical terms are. Define things, or at least show pictures. Well, here is the guide to removing a Weslock knob that I encountered (non-locking, no key). It's straightforward, you just need to locate where the secret elements are.

Step 1: Remove the Side Plate

This is where you see the "Weslock" name. There's two philips screws to unscrew, and then you can pry it out. However, underneath is something that looks like another plate. This is permanently affixed, so don't bother removing this. I found that out after viciously trying to pry that off!

Step 2: Where's the Screws?

A quick search, you will not find the screws for the knobs. Hmmm, where could they be?

Step 3: Unveil the Hidden Screws

One side of the knobs has small slit on the faceplate. This faceplate can be loosened to unveil the screws. Tightly grip the face plate and turn counter-clockwise (unscrewing motion). However, there is no way to access those screws with that plate in the way!

Step 4: Find the Reccessed Release Mechanism and Pull Out Knob.

On this same side of the knob, you will find another hidden element. It is a recessed button mechanism that needs to be depressed and allows you to pull out the knob easily. Check out the pictures. This will completely unveil the two screws so we now have access to it!

Step 5: Remove the Two Screws and the Rest Is Cake.

You can now unscrew those now accessible screws. Now the fixture just pulls apart easily.

Step 6: Remove the Other Knob and Slide Out the Side Fixture.

The rest of the fixtures just slide out like butter. This is how easy uninstalling a doorknob should be, if it weren't for those hidden contraptions we encountered earlier.

Congratulations, you are done!



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    what rekey kits are compatible once this is taken apart? i see the instructions for removing but not replacing!

    Thanks for the clear directions. My only stumbling block is those damn little screws. They are in so tight and their threads are so shallow. Now I need directions for "how to loosen a tight screw!" LOL.

    You are AWESOME! Thanks for helping me take off that vile doorknob! :)

    Just what I needed in 2015. Thanks for your post.

    Doorknob lock mechanism is more hard when removing than installing it. But if you know the idea that it could be simple as sometimes all doorknob only hold adjustable lever in its mechanism. Find some ideas at

    I would have never gotten my door knobs off without these instructions! They are great!
    One difference for my knobs was that, after I took the screws out of the side plate, it was not necessary to remove the top plate. Mine were attached and had to be pried off, but the door knob can be removed with the top side plate from step one still in place.

    Thank you for your clear instruction; it was helpful. I discovered something on my attempt to reassemble that perhaps should be added. After I reassembled, I discovered that the lever was effective in only one direction. I inspected a second unit and noted notches on the top and bottom of the latch body that must engage the wings on the lever assembly. When inserting the first lever (or knob), I had not engaged the wings in the notches. As a consequence, the lever would only engage the latch when rotated counter-clockwise. When I repeated my assembly I made sure to engage the wings in the notches and the set worked as expected.

    Thank you so much!!!!  After struggling with my weslock door handles for quite some time, this step by step assisted me to remove my weslock door handles in about 1 minute!  Would have never looked for the "secret" tiny button to be the key to remove the knobs.  Thanks!

    You helped me escape my bedroom.

    I LOVE GOOGLE!!!! OH, and the people who contribute! You helped me crack the Wesgate door knob safe LOL.

    Thanks so much for posting this. It helped me to not destroy the door. It also made my wife very happy as I had been avoiding this task for awhile...

    Thanks so much - our home is 50+ years old and I knew if I went to the internet someone could show me how to do this!

    Thank you! thank you! thank you!! I purchased a new lock to put on my home entry door thinking it would be a breeze since I have put locks on doors before. Much to my surprise I discovered the lock on my door didnt have any visable screws for me to take if off the door. Quick search on the internet brought me here to discover I had this particular lock that had a relese tab to pull the knob off and then the screws were there! 4th of july too and I was begining to panic about leaving my door lock half mangeled from me trying to get it off the door. This site was a life saver!! Now off to see the fireworks! Thanks again!

    This helped a bunch man, I was about to pull the whole darn thing and with a crow bar and burn the door. Great instructions and great pictures, thanks again!


    Thanks! I've been looking all over for just these instructions.