Step 4: Find the reccessed release mechanism and pull out knob.

Picture of Find the reccessed release mechanism and pull out knob.
On this same side of the knob, you will find another hidden element. It is a recessed button mechanism that needs to be depressed and allows you to pull out the knob easily. Check out the pictures. This will completely unveil the two screws so we now have access to it!
cynharts6 years ago
Thank you! thank you! thank you!! I purchased a new lock to put on my home entry door thinking it would be a breeze since I have put locks on doors before. Much to my surprise I discovered the lock on my door didnt have any visable screws for me to take if off the door. Quick search on the internet brought me here to discover I had this particular lock that had a relese tab to pull the knob off and then the screws were there! 4th of july too and I was begining to panic about leaving my door lock half mangeled from me trying to get it off the door. This site was a life saver!! Now off to see the fireworks! Thanks again!