Introduction: How to Remove the Top of Your Ford Bronco Alone

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There are many ways to remove the top. I have seen people use pulley systems in their garage, I've heard of people tying straps to it and using a fork lift and of course, if you have a friend to help, that makes things much easier.

However, this tutorial, focuses on removing the top when nobody else can help you.


T40 torques security bit

T50 torques bit


Impact driver (optional)

Step 1: T40 Torques Security Bit

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You can get this torques bit at an autoparts store such as autozone as well as most places that have an extensive tool selection.

Step 2: Use Ratchet on Rear Bolts.

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After removing the trim, you will want to use a ratchet to get these two bolts.

Step 3: Remove the Rest of the Bolts

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After that, i like to use my impact driver.

Step 4: Disconnect This

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Disconnect this, it has a clip on both sides.

Step 5: T50 Torques Bit

Picture of T50 Torques Bit

Step 6: Remove Bolt

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Next, remove the seatbelt shoulder straps using a T50 torques bit

Step 7: Lift and Slide

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Carefully slide away lifting up the rear end of the top as there is a notch that locks it in place.

Step 8: Lift More As You Slide Back.

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Turn around and place your hands on the ridge in front and slide backwards being careful to keep it from sliding off the edge.

I probably could have started facing the rear, but I felt more comfortable starting facing forward so I could see how far i pulled away and to make sure the top did not slid to the left or right.

Step 9: Lift

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Lift up placing the weight on your back.

Step 10: Shift Left and Lower

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Shift to one side (left if you have a spare tire swing arm) and lower to your knees.

Step 11: Climb Down

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Climb down off the tailgate. I am 5'8", if you are much shorter, you might want to use a sturdy step stool.

Step 12: Set It Down

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Carefully let the rear end rest on the ground

Step 13: *optional

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I wanted to leave the top right here in the grass so i flipped it over onto its back.

If you need to take it somewhere else, just walk over there with the top on you back or however feels more comfortable to you.


Ozimandius (author)2017-10-05

How much does the hard top itself weigh, approximately?

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-06-18

That's pretty impressive. I would not be able to do that by myself.

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