Introduction: How to Repair Football Shoes

How to repair Football/Soccer shoes/cleats with help of Adhesive.

Step 1: Add All Items at Table Top or Ground

Items Required: Adhesive, any stick and white paper mixing glue, tape and cleaning cloth.

Step 2: Clean the Repairing Portion With Soft Clothing.

Clean the area where you want to apply glue.

Step 3: Mix Your Glue.

Mix your Adhesive, in this adhesive, theres 2 items one is resin other one is hardener mix them well till it becomes pale yellow in color.

Step 4: Apply Glue to Your Shoes

Now apply glue to your shoes with wooden or any stick.

Step 5: Apply More Glue.

Add more glue if required.

Step 6: Press It Firmly

after applying glue press it firmly.

Step 7: Wrapped in Newspaper & Adhesive Tape.

Wrapped in newspaper and tape it around, make sure your shoes wont be in loose, its firmly wrapped and let it dry for 24 hrs.

Step 8: Remove the Newspaper and Tape After 24 Hrs.

Remove the newspaper and tape after 24 hrs.

Step 9: Final Step.

your shoes is ready.

Step 10: How to Repair Football Shoes

Go out & Play.


RajenderK4 made it! (author)2016-07-19

This is my creation, I love to play football, whenever i get chance i never missed it, mostly playing on weekend, during play i found myself lots of things happening, so i decided lets fix these problems one by one and make a better game play.

FM06IQBIP094SY3.pngFM06IQBIP094SY3.pngFM06IQBIP094SY3.pngstep9.pngstep8.pngstep7.pngstep6.pngstep5.pngstep4.pngstep3.pngStep2.png.pngstep1.pngHow to Repair Football Shoes
seamster (author)2016-06-06

Looks like a great fix. Well done!

RajenderK4 (author)seamster2016-06-06

Thanks :)

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