video How to Repair Headphone Wires

Welcome to my fourth installment to my Headphone Repair series. In this video I show how to fix the headphone wire itself. A lot of time a short can occur in the wire (instead of at the plug like I show in my other Headphone videos). Also, headphones wires can get cut or damaged very easily. This video shows you a simple way to make these types of repair.
ArminB13 days ago

Nice try but I am confused. You talk about the red wire, and the black wire but the video shows three wires. Did I miss something? Can you please be specific about each wire connection. What happend to the breen and blue? The rest is OK.

Thank you


I followed the same method that you have shown here but there is no audio output. But when I connect blue wire to the copper wires of red side, there is a little output. Why is that?

my earphone's right side is not sounding. how to know which portion of the right side wire is bad portion to cut?

okay i have a earphone with mic it have 5 freaking wires what should i do?

RichsMethods (author)  vincent.capalaran2 months ago

If you are connecting the wires to each other, just connect them after sanding or burning off a portion of the enamel coating like I show in the video. Are you cutting out a bad portion of the wire, or replacing the plug? If you are replacing the plug, then I think you'll need a TRRS plug.

It worked ,I repaired my BOSE OE external cable...thank you!

matthew.karli7 months ago

Hello, I'm having a problem with a samsung earphone (I don't know the model name but I got it with the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the package.) It has 3 cables. Black, Green and Red. none of them are snapped of. But there are copper cables that coils around each of these cables and they are the ones that are snapped of. I don't know what to do. Please help. Tq

Fizz26161 year ago
Hello :)
It worked for me for about 2 seconds. I followed all your instructions but the sound isnt coming out. Have you got any other suggestions?
RichsMethods (author)  Fizz26161 year ago
The ground wires are probably not making contact. You may need to remove some enamel coating from the copper colored wires. Burn it off like I showed in this video.

Sorry for the late response! -RM
daioz1 year ago

I've done the same steps to two of my headphones, which I've repaired the same way before. This time however both of them opted to not work properly, when plugged fully into whatever source, highs and voices just disappear or crumble, while the rest plays fine. When I plug them in only halfway, the sound is alright and I can hear everything.
I really have no idea what could cause this, I've re-done the whole thing several times now.
Any ideas?
Thank you for any help.
Hi Sir.

My Samsung Galaxy Y duos earphone is kinda broken. :)) The right earpiece was detached from the earphone wire.

How do I fix that, Sir?
Thanks and God bless you. :)
RichsMethods (author)  charlespaul_331 year ago
These types of repairs can be hard to do because you probably don't have much wire left on the earphone. I'd take the ear phone apart (if their isn't wire hanging out of it). You can connect a fresh piece of wire from the main cable to the earpiece using the steps I show in this video.
msuppiah1 year ago
Hi Richs,

I am having a Marshal Major Black FX headphones. Can you show how to solder the wire its about to snap anytime..
RichsMethods (author)  msuppiah1 year ago
The wiring should be the same as my first or 3rd headphone video. This depends on if your Marshal's have a TRS (1st Video) or TRRS (3rd Video) plug. Google images of each to determine which one you have.
souravtyson2 years ago
would u please tell me which wire is ground and which one is for left & right speaker in samsung beat 1.8k headphones
RichsMethods (author)  souravtyson2 years ago
I am not sure about that particular brand, however, generally Red=Right, Blue or Green = Left, and the copper is the ground.
b4l0rd02 years ago
using some heat shrink tube you can do a better
and professional looking insulation ;D nice job
RichsMethods (author)  b4l0rd02 years ago
Thanks for the info and for watching!