Step by step guide to repair the damaged hinges of the Nintendo DS starting from disassembling the DS to repairing the broken hinges and then putting everything at its place again. If you follow carefully then even newbies can do it.   

Remember that this not an easy repair as it looks because this involves handling small screw and fragile stuff so you might not want to do it all yourself because you might mess thing up, So you can get it repaired at Nintendo Repair Shop .

Find cheap original Nintendo DS hinge replacements or replacement shell Nintendo Repair Shop Inc, along with any other Nintendo DS Lite repair parts you may need.

Keep tuned for more NDS repair tutorials, for any comments or any questions look at Nintendo DS hinges Repair . Thanks For Watching. 
This is helpful, but also frustrating. Unfortunately a lot of the work being done takes place off screen. Could it be redone keeping the work in frame?

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