Demonstrates how to repair a Nintendo DS Lite (NDSL) broken hinge by replacing the Nintendo DS Lite Case or Shell. The hinge usually snaps on the right hand side where the hinge axle is located. This video is a step-by-step guide on how to remove the broken sections of your DS Lite case, and replace the old parts with those from a new replacement DS Lite shell. If your DSL top lcd screen also will not power on, you have likely twisted the top lcd ribbon as well and will need to replace your Nintendo DS Lite Top LCD.

Find low cost replacement Nintendo DS Lite Shells/Cases at the Nintendo Repair Shop in all colors. Also visit our online store for all your Nintendo DS Lite repair parts at a low cost with fast shipping!

Be sure to check out part 2 on how to repair a Nintendo DS Lite broken hinge.
what bout a completely broken right hinge with the little metal/plastic cylinder lost and also it wont turn on even when charged because MA CAT BROKE IT KNOCKING IT OFF THE TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for doing this! :D I just bought a Crimson repair kit and screwdriver from your site literaqlly like half a hour ago. This is so helpful. One benefit is that I'm one hour from Raleigh NC and the address on the paper said Raleigh so it should get here soon. Again, cheers and thanks for this
I want to do this, but im scared ill break my ds.

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