Step by step guide to replace the Top LCD Screen on your Nintendo DS Lite (NDSL). Fixes symptoms including Top LCD screen won't turn on, Top LCD is scratched, Top LCD has lines, and Nintendo DS Lite won't power on.

Find high quality inexpensive replacement Nintendo DS Lite top LCD screens at the Nintendo Repair Shop Inc, along with any other Nintendo DS Lite repair parts you may need.

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How to Repair Nintendo DS Lite Top LCD Part 2/3
How to Repair Nintendo DS Lite Top LCD Part 3/3
my ribbon cable has torn a bit from one end, so i think that is why my screen wont work.also the speakers cable is attached to the ribbon cable, so they wont work as well. and this is all because of my broken hinge on the right side which moved the cable.
Thanks for an excellent, clear video. It was extremely helpful.<br><br>(One very minor thing, in Part 3 @0:23, I think you forgot to replace one of the motherboard screws.)

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