Step by step guide to remove the damaged touch Screen of your Nintendo DS Lite (NDSL).  Replacing with a new touch screen and assembling it with the LCD. Remember that this not an easy repair so you might not want to do it all yourself because you might mess thing up, So you can get it repaired at Nintendo Repair Shop.

Find high quality inexpensive replacement Nintendo DS Touch screens at the Nintendo Repair Shop Inc, along with any other Nintendo DS Lite repair parts you may need.

You would also need the Nintendo DS Lite Replacement Shell for this repair.

Keep tuned for more NDSL repair tutorials. Thanks For Watching.

These are extremely useful videos and they are certainly going to help a lot of people. Thanks for uploading them. I have also found some interesting videos like these ones at www nintendorepairshop com and anyone having problem with their Nintendo systems should visit this website too.<br><br>Nintendo Repair Shop<br>www.nintendorepairshop.com

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