How to Repair Philips Driver Bit Tip


Introduction: How to Repair Philips Driver Bit Tip

All the information in the video for more details check out following steps.

Step 1: Remember About Safety.

Grinding hard material produces bits of the material flying everywhere. Remember to protect your eyes. Use appropriate equipment to protect you body PPE is a must.

Step 2: Remember Not to Breach Any Safety Switches.

I did it but I should not be an example of a pro ;) This knife sharpener can be used as a grinder but a proper bench grinder is always a better solution. Remember to choose quite smooth stone, as large grains will not provide you with a spectacular effects.

Step 3: Choosing the Right Angle of Attack Is Very Important.

Choose the best side of the Phillips driver tip to find the right angle for grinding.

All you have to do now is power the grinder and drill in the same time and gently, very gently get the desired shape.

The driver bit is going to be very sharp at the top you will need to grind the top a bit to make it blunt = safe.

When grinding the sharp pointed top of the bit remember to apply very, very little force as it will grind off very easily.

Step 4: Your Done. Before and After Shots ;)

Now, your are done. You can admire the effects of getting the right shape of you drill/driver Phillips bit tips.

I hope you liked this instructable. Remember to be safe and keep your tools in good shape.



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    10 Discussions

    I'm 90 and have done that for many years. I never though it was anything special, and that everyone did it! It was a lot quicker and easier than getting in the car and going somewhere to get the cheap bits. I usually have extras but forget to replace stuff! replace what I clobber!! Lee Robinson W. Palm Beach

    1 reply

    Congratulations robinaire. You see younger people usually do not appreciate what they have. Just buy and forget. I wish you many more years DIY'ing in your shed or workshop. I really like people that never give up their passions, whatever the age. Wish you best and share with us some of your projects.

    This is bad advice, bits come in different sizes, you are not accomplishing very much, I have been a Journeyman Millwright for over 40 years and from his comments I perceive a fool entrenched in folly

    1 reply

    have you read my camment at the very bottom???

    Good on ya Mate!

    Max- I didn't know. I apologize for being so presumptuous.

    1 reply

    no problem mate always good to ask for clarification. All best mate ;)

    An old trick learned from a craftsman decades ago: With any phillips head bit or screw driver just tag, grind off, the tip of the bit. That allows the bit to firmly seat against the flutes of the screw. With the tip NOT ground off the bit bottoms out and doesn't seat fully in the screw.

    I'm sorry, (& I don't mean to be disrespectful,) but why would you not just go to the hardware store (or a big box store) & buy a container of them for just a few dollars? It's not as though a phillips bit costs $15.00 each [AND, at the hardware/big box store, you can get them with standard hardness up to specially hardened bits, including some for use in impact drivers].

    1 reply

    The whole explanation is as simple as that: I live in a remote location. I was Sunday and our bed collapsed. I did not own tools on my own.I borrowed the drill/driver from a friend of mine. All 3 Phillips bit tips were broken. No decent wood screws in stock as well, got them form other friend of mine.

    Yes, I sould have said. Oh, bed is broken, I need to buy a new one.

    Not very expensive is it?

    But on Sunday evening quite hard to get. I could have ordered the bit tips form amazon, and sleep on the floor for next too weeks. OR, just get the bit tips sorted and get the bed in order in about 45 minutes. Plz be aware that I did have the grinder so I had not bought it just to get the tips sorted.

    The easiest way is to say oh, my smartphone is broken I'll get a new one.

    Work, eat,, eat,, eat, buy......

    The final of a story is: Bed fully fixed, will serve years to come, the bit tips fixed, owner of the drill and the tips happy.