I did this at Techshop.

The clip of my pocket knife got caught and bent outwards. It was inconvenient and I decide a quick fix was in order.

Supplies Needed:

- 1 Bent up pocket knife

- Wooden shim

- Bench vise

Step 1: Shimmy Shimmy Ya

I used a piece of scrap paneling from the bin in the wood shop. I hit it on the sander for two seconds an voila, I had a shim.

Place the shim at the top bend in the clip. Doing this will help to retain the shape of the clip rather than flattening it out.

Step 2: Squeeze

Place the knife and the shim in the vise. Get it right at the bend and turn up the pressure. It doesn't take much.

Step 3: Fin

Now you have a pocket knife that will remain in your pocket even while doing hand stands.

<p>I have a couple of knives that would benefit from this treatment. Time to get to work on 'em...!</p>

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