How to Repair a GM Speedometer

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Do you drive a GM car (200 and up) and have gone past 70-80 thousand miles only to have your gauges (speedo, temp, and fuel) go out on you? Don't want to pay the $500 (more/less) that the dealer or shop will charge you? then read on and save a few hundred bucks and have the piece of mind that you fixed something on your car yourself.

I had to pay for this info when this problem happened to me several years ago, but I feel that people should not have to be taken advantage of when it comes to the repair work of the car.
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Step 1: How to Repair a GM Speedometer

Picture of How to Repair a GM Speedometer
Here are the tools that you are going to need

1. Soldering Iron
2. Solder
3. Needle nose pliers
4. Pick
5. Solder bulb
6. Regular Kitchen Fork

Step 2:

Parts needed:

1. Replacement Stepper Motors -
Available from Dr.Speedometer in any quantity, $6.00 per motor + $5.00 shipping. Use this link to order:

If the link doesn't work, you can google gm replacement motors or Ebay it

Example speedometer is from a Silverado. Yours may vary in appearance, but the procedure is basically the same for all 03-06 GM instrument clusters.

I used the same procedures for my 2004 Impala

Step 3:

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First, remove the clear plastic lens by gently prying outwards on the black tabs, use the right angle pick. Or screwdriver , or whatever it is you are using

Step 4:

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Here is the unit with the cover removed, Remember that when you do this the button that you used to reset your tripmeter / look at you actual miles will "pop" out because it is spring loaded, remember after you put all of this back together to put the spring and button in BEFORE you put the plastic lens back on

Step 5:

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Now tear off several short pieces of low tack masking tape, one for each gauge.
technic64903 months ago

Any idea on how to replace one of those lcd's? My gear shift indicator is so dim, barely readable at night. It's gotten worse within the last six months

mfrontuto (author)  technic64902 months ago

your best bet would be EBay to try to get just the shift indicator unit. if you take the face of the cluster off you can see that it is soldered in with quite a few pins and can be de-soldered and a new or used unit can be re-soldered back in. or if you are brave you could replace all of the LED'S in the indicator unit along with any capacitors that might be in there and keep the lights the same color, or change them to whatever you want. I have thought about doing this but do not have the time

zomfibame2 years ago
I had an ol' chevy I had to replace the speedometer, .... and one other gauge (I can't remember what other one)..... So I just went to the junk-yard and got a replacement for the whole instrument cluster. .... I just replaced the whole cluster n' never had any more probs. your way of fixing it is probably much better though since my odometer was obviously off after that, and I had to be careful to get the correct match cluster or the speedometer woulda' been out of sync with the car's true speed.
mfrontuto (author)  zomfibame2 years ago
The motors are only $8+ dollars, I did the cluster replacement thing and all of those motors went out at 80+ thousand miles too
Rainh2o2 years ago
did this to my '04 trail blazer...or fire blazer since it caught fire from the transmission...anyhow...the way I lined my dials back up was to install in the vehicle without the plastic cover on, make sure the vehicle was cold and just turn the key on...all the gauges should read zero (0) at that point, then I just slipped the needles back on pointing to zero...after I reassembled everything I run it down the road and checked the speed with my GPS and it was spot on, the rest of the gauges looked good enough. They are just there for looks anyhow since most of the new vehicles also come with idiot lights...Great instructible
magickaldan2 years ago
Excellent Tutorial did this last month to an 04 Yukon Denali. Took less than 20 minutes to complete. I prefer the solder wick to the bulb though it is much easier and quicker to remove "All" the solder from the pad.
mfrontuto (author)  magickaldan2 years ago
I only have a cheap lo-temp soldering iron and when I tried to use the wick it did not work as good for me as the bulb did. Once I get a decent soldering iron I think that the wick will do better.