Step 4: Removing a Flywheel

Picture of Removing a  Flywheel
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Removing a flywheel can be a aggravating process if you do not know the tricks. The nut which holds the flywheel is on very tightly, and can only be removed by blocking the rotation of the crank shaft with a wrench holding the nut on the blade or by blocking the rotation of the blade. Do not try to hold the flywheel by sticking a crowbar in the teeth, or they might break off. Once you have remove the nut which holds the flywheel in place you will need to gently pry off the flywheel with a crowbar. Keep rotating the flywheel until it can be lifted off easily. Now put the flywheel key somewhere safe. When you want to put the flywheel back on make sure that the key is in the right direction. It is usually marked in some way.
maro-14 years ago
this is my first time working with an engine so this really helped me out. thanx : )
maddogmal5 years ago

It's a pane in the but to remove the flywheel on older models you have to drill and tap the holes and then pull the flywheel with a puller

another good way to stop the flywheel from turning is to take out the spark plug and stuff some rubber tubing into the cylinder to where it stops turning,this is the way my dad did it for years because it stopped the crankshaft from turning and it stayed in by itself w/o someone having to hold it in