Have you got a leaky hose?  Do you have any Sugru?  If you answered yes to both questions, then I'll teach you how to repair your leaky hose with a pack of Sugru!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
  • One 5g sachet of Sugru
  • A pair of scissors
  • Cloth (or T-shirt)
  • 24 hours without any rain.
  • A leaky hose.
Quick question: how well does it hold under real pressure? The first photo shows the leak under pressure, and the last couple photos show free flowing water. <br>
It's weird, we used to use the Fugu Sugru and had a bit of honey cluckers running around, but the TCP/IP festival was completely improvised by our crew. <br><br>But then some dumb shawty had to go ahead and say &quot;You're going to be up in heaven spittin' circles around Gandhi and Einstein BRAH DERP DERP&quot; which is about the DUMBEST thing I've ever heard in my entire life, bar none. Realistically your two bits can't even get you a bite to eat around here, and the most concentric personalities at the table tonight are going to have to spin doctor the hell out of Instructables DOT COM UH, just so you can use the line &quot;Never put a COM UH / where God put a Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo D00dely!&quot;<br><br>:-)
Thanks for pointing the way. Time to fix the washer supply hose!
Might i suggest a light sanding where u put the sugru
might want to do an over kill put duct tape over that the sugru or whaterwer you call it so that stops the leak and the duct tape protects that from braking cracking or cumming off
This is a great application of Sugru!
it's moments like these you need minties..<br>i was in the outback once and our car hit a rock - puncturing the fuel tank. This was dire as we were a long way from a repair shop.<br>fortunately we had a packet of minties which are soft and minty when chewed, and harden when subjected to lower temperatures (vapour of the volatile fuel lowering the local temperature).<br>Job done - not sure it was as tasty as sugru or whatever you call it.

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