This video on how to repair your Nintendo NES system from the dreaded flashing/blinking screen of death is brought to you by the folks at the Nintendo Repair Shop Inc. If your NES is blinking, flashing or just not playing your games, chances are you need to replace your NES 72 Pin Connector and clean your NES games.

Fortunately we have FREE repair guides for you on both NES Game Cleaning Guide, and have developed a fantastic Nintendo NES Repair Kit that gives you everything you need to repair your system and clean your games.

We hope you find this video helpful! Check out our Nintendo Repair page for other FREE and helpful nintendo repair videos. Be sure to post any questions you may have below in the comments section as we will be monitoring and responding every day.
am i the only who whach'es this for entertainment
well this did help because one of my granparents found this in there attic and gave it to me (because i like video games) and i had this problem.
i dont have a nes but i rely want one but i want an n64 first but i do collect and game for gamecube

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