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It is riding season again and I was doing some routine maintenance on my bike when I noticed that my exhaust pipes had become nasty looking.

Moving from the South to the Northwest had taken a toll on my scooter.  My pipes had started to rust on the bottom, and the finish had started to crack while surface rust was starting to spread.

Considering that a new set of pipes is about $400-$1200 depending on your style - there was only one option for me.

Here are my steps to making everything look right again.

Please read this whole thing first because the last step is tricky.  If you aren't up to it...find an alternative.

Step 1: Things you are going to need

Picture of Things you are going to need
Here are some tools and materials you will need:

Brake parts cleaner - available at all auto stores

Carb and Choke cleaner - available at all auto stores

High heat exhaust paint (color) - available at all auto stores as engine block paint.  You could also use any high heat paint - the Helix brand pictures I bought on amazon.com and it is especially made for exhaust pipes.  I would recommend the brand as it dries fairly fast and is good up to 2000 deg F of momentary operation (if you are running that hot, your bike might melt).

High heat exhaust paint clear coat - optional, but it can help with scratching

Automotive wet/dry sandpaper in a variety of grain sizes.  I used 400 and 600

Angle grinder

Cable grinder cup - for the initial finish remover

Wire grinder cup - to smooth out the pipes

Old cardboard box - something to spray on top of
Got any info for changing chrome pipes to black? I despise chrome on my bike...
knoxmj19 (author)  bigdaddy7021 year ago
I imagine you could strip off chrome with a heavy wire wheel and then repaint. Alternatively, you could wrap the chrome pipes in a 2" wide fiberglass wrap and paint that black. I've seen that done before, and it looks pretty good.
Thanks for the link...
knoxmj19 (author)  bigdaddy7021 year ago
Also, here is an article that may help more than I can http://m.wikihow.com/Remove-Chrome-Plating
byronic2 years ago
Good tip while your painting them is to hang them using an old coat hanger or bungee cord in a bolt hole. This allows you to rotate the pipes as you paint if you have the space.
micheal4542 years ago
Amazing piece of information. thanks a lot
Cudweiser2 years ago
What kind of pipes are those?
knoxmj19 (author)  Cudweiser2 years ago
Sampson Sidewinders. Unfortunately, even though I love the way they look, I'm changing to Vance and Hines Big Shots because I need the room for saddlebags.
knoxmj19 (author)  knoxmj192 years ago
That should read "SAMSON," not Sampson. I got mine here:
Phiske2 years ago

Love the matte finish. Looks awesome,
knoxmj19 (author)  Phiske2 years ago
Thanks, it is pretty close to the original finish.