How to Repair skipping/missing shift for 04 impala transmission

Picture of How to Repair skipping/missing shift for 04 impala transmission
I found this info online and decided to share with the people who own a 2004 Impala, or car with this type of transmission. Doing this will save you the $3,000 that the transmission shop or your mechanic will try to charge you to Rebuild or replace your transmission when you tell them that your transmission is skipping/delaying or giving you a engine error code.
This Transmission is for the BONE STOCK Impala. not the LS or SS (sorry guys different transmission)

I got the transgo sk4t65e kit and changed accumulator springs and spacers, works great, really easy to do. drop pan, unbolt accumulator housing, pull out piston, replace spring with ones in kit and reinstall. takes about 160 bucks and about an hour of your time.

Step one buy the kit, go onto Ebay and search transgo sk4t65e kit. If you try to buy one of these at your trans/mechanic shops they will not have it or charge you a arm and a leg for it. On Ebay it cost Around or less than $60.

Go and Get some transmission fluid and a trans filter since you are going to removing all of the old fluid might as well do some preventative maintenance on your car as well as fixing a problem. I also put a drain plug in mine to make changing the fluid easy the next time
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Step 1: How to Repair skipping/missing shift for 04 impala transmission

Picture of How to Repair skipping/missing shift for 04 impala transmission
This is what the kit will look like. For this instructable you will IGNORE the directions of removing the transmission, we are only going to use the parts that are intended for the First/Second and Second/Third module which is on the BOTTOM of the transmission.
CalebH23 months ago

I think this would be such a fun project. I had to replace the transmission pan on a Saturn L200 when I was in high school. I backed over a cement covert and punched a hole in my transmission pan. The replacement was really similar to this.

RoseH17 months ago

My transmission needs to get looked at, but I was hoping I might be able to try and fix it myself before I take it in to the shop. This tutorial is extremely detailed and explains each step very well. Thank you for the tip of taking a picture of the copper hoses. I probably would have ended up killing my transmission.
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rchavez1011 year ago
Hello I recently came across your writeup and it may be what I need. I have 04 impala that basiclly skips 3rd gear. I have a android app called Torque that allows me to view the vital signs of my car via the obd2 port on my cart. While monitoring my car through my phone it says its going into third but there is no change in rpm from 2nd to 3rd. When I am in 4th gear and I manually shift into third there is no change in rpm or sound in engine load. I believe the ecm thanks its going into third but physically its not.Does this sound like what your problem was on your impala? Was yours skipping a gear or just slipping? Thanks in advance.
mfrontuto (author)  rchavez1011 year ago
rchavez, mine was slipping because of the faulty springs. but is your car giving an engine error code? even if it is not it could be the shift solienoid that is inside the transmission itself. I recommend trying this fix first before taking it to a transmission shop. before I did this fix to my trans I was told I had to pay $2,000 for a rebuild or new one.
mfrontuto (author) 2 years ago
@ jostler2013 , glad to hear that your car is up and running again! Yes the teardown and rebuild is quite extensive, the only reason I have not done it yet is because I do not have the right tools/and money. once I do I will post the instructable here. wish I could do it sooner.
mfrontuto (author)  moesatriani2 years ago
No problem Moe! If you do this fix and your trans is still skipping then you will either have to take it in to a trans shop beacuase there are several other DEFECTIVE PART/SPRINGS INSIDE the trans that can go bad as well, or attempt to rebuild the trans yourself.

Unfortunately my trans has these other defective parts in it as well. But FEAR NOT!, I will be posting a instructable on how to COMPLETELY REBUILD THIS TRANS shortly.