Picture of How to Repair your Fishnet Stockings.
I recently created a small hole on my fishnets no thanks to the zipper of my boots. They're expensive and have a toe protector and I didn't want to throw them away. While repairing them, I wondered how many have thrown away their fishnet stockings due to a small mishap and figured to create this Instructable so everyone can still enjoy their precious fishnets. It took only about 5 minutes to sew 2 areas on the fishnet.

Keep in mind this is for small repairs of course.
If there's a huge rip, move on and buy another.

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Step 1: The rip on the fishnet.

Picture of The rip on the fishnet.
Here's the rip on the fishnet. Not good.
Time to fix it.

Step 2: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Woolly Nylon Thread
Needle threader
Ball-Point Sewing Needle FOR KNITS
(you'll know if you test it gently and it doesn't prick your finger as much as a Sharp needle)
Thread Clipper (or small scissor for control)

Wooly nylon thread comes in a limited range of colors so there's a high chance
that you will not get the exact color. Get a color thats similar or close to the color of your stockings.
The stitches are so small it won't be noticed.
My fishnets were magenta colored but I used the purple grape thread.

The thread itself is pretty pricey too so it might not be practical to do this unless you know someone who uses woolly nylon thread for serging and sewing.
If you own a lot of fishnets, especially in one color (like black), then it is worth it getting the thread.

Save your eyes, time, and sanity. Use a needle threader.

Don't use a regular needle for knits, it can ruin or shred the fibers.
Great job! I think the pictures are very nice, great job, nice job getting featured too!
corinna.anni.roc (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Thank you for your support. :D Stay tuned, there's more to come.
crapflinger7 years ago
nice gams by the way hehe this is basically the same method used to repair "shrimping" or fishing nets
corinna.anni.roc (author)  crapflinger7 years ago
Never underestimate the power of Photoshop. (It was NOT used on the stockings by the way.) Fish, shrimp, legs, arms, it's all the same to a net. Didn't know it was the same technique for actual fishing nets. Thanks for the intel.
mrmath7 years ago
I have this problem with my fishnets all the time. :)
warlord7 years ago
I didn't know that fishnets were expensive. My wife rips them all the time and we just buy new ones. Although if they're worth the time to repair and it's and it's an easy fix then, why not? It's always good to reduce waste ;)
corinna.anni.roc (author)  warlord7 years ago
It depends where you get the fishnets. I think the ones I ruined were from Victoria's Secret so they weren't really cheap. The store doesn't stock these anymore so it wasn't replaceable. The quality and color are different from other stockings. It didn't pill up like a sweater after a few washings. Less waste is indeed good, no need to go Brave New World with ruined clothes.
I love this! Really neat way to fix them. :)
corinna.anni.roc (author)  jessyratfink7 years ago
Thank you. :)