Step 5: Remove Brake Pad Holder

I don't know if this is it's official name but that's what i'm calling it. These bolts were secured by the mechanics using "lock tight" so they are really difficult to get undone.  We used a big ass pipe wrench a large ratchet  a medium wrench  a hammer a big metal lever and the small piece of abs pipe to undo these bolts.I'm sorry that the pictures aren't vary good but it is a small space with a big person and tools in the way.  Anyway if your's aren't secured with "lock tight" it's probably allot easier. 
<p>Pretty comprehensive and will be utilizing it this next weekend. Nice Job!!!</p>
It's also a good idea to bleed the brake system after doing a brake job to get all the air out of the system. And make sure to pump up the brakes and make sure the pedal is firm before even turning the vehicle on let alone putting it in gear.
Thanks again, we didn't bleed the system and its working fine. It is a good idea to pump the brakes first.
When depressing the caliper piston it's a good idea to open the bleeder screw as forcing fluid back through the system can damage the butterfly valves in the ABS unit.
Thanks, I didn't know that.
The bolts on the tire need to be loosened before you jack up the car.
Thank you forgot to write that up, it's in the ible now.

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