Dishwashers are a modern convenience whose sudden absence is felt throughout the household. The time saved from this appliance must now be diverted to once again wash dishes by hand. One of the problems that can down a dishwasher is a broken door latch assembly. An improperly operating door latch will cause the dishwasher not to operate due to safety factors. Fortunately, replacing a dishwasher door latch is a straight forward process and you will only need the following tools:

- #20 Torx Bit Screwdriver
- Flat Blade Screwdriver

Step 1: How to Replace a Dishwasher Door Latch

Any household repair begins with the isolation of power sources from the device being repaired. With the dishwasher, unplug the machine and turn off the breaker in the electrical panel. Personal safety is paramount in any home repair.

The door latch repair and replacement can now begin. The perimeter of the inner door panel has eleven screws. Torx screws are frequently used to prevent the stripping of the head of the screw. Upon removal of all the screws, gently lift the inner panel. The door latch apparatus can now be seen.

The electrical leads now need to be removed from the switch. Using a volt meter, measure each individual lead to each other and then to a source of grounding. This redundancy is to make sure that electricity is indeed off. Once confirmed that the leads are not hot, gently use a screw driver to pry the leads off of the switch.

The latch assembly will need to be in the locked position before removal. Experience has shown that this step lessens the hassle and potential problems during the repair. Using the screwdriver, locate and press down on the small cam that is present in the handle. This will effectively put it in the latched position.
I have a lot of problems with my dishwasher. This instructable is excellent - very thorough. Thanks!
my door latch would stick in the locked position requiring a screwdriver to open. I eventually ripped the entire handle out of the door and it works fine, just doesn't lock the door when running. which I suppose is a safety hazard.

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