If you work in a fast paced or high volume kitchen (or you just don't like to cut vegetables with a knife!) you know the importance of having a sharp vegetable chopper. When the blades become dull, however, you don't necessarily have to replace the entire unit, or even the entire blade assembly! In most models of vegetable chopper, you can order a new set of blades and replace them yourself. In this lesson, we walk you through the process using a Nemco Easy Chopper II.

Step 1: Remove Pusher Block and Blade Assembly

Picture of Remove Pusher Block and Blade Assembly

Remove the pusher block by pulling it up and off the vertical guide rods. The two rubber bushings slide off as well, and then you can remove the blade assembly.

Be careful! The top of the blades can still be very sharp!

neo716651 year ago

I have a home version that's kinda like that and I just resharpen the blades.