How to Replace the Cabin Air Filter : Acura ILX 2012-2016




Introduction: How to Replace the Cabin Air Filter : Acura ILX 2012-2016

This video will show you step by step instructions on how to replace the cabin air filter on a Acura ILX 2012-2016.

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Step 1:

1- Open the glove box.

Step 2:

2- Push both sides of the glove box inward.

Step 3:

3- Gently push on the glove box retaining arm to unclip it.

Step 4:

4- Carefully lower the glove box down towards the floor.

Step 5:

5- To remove the cabin air filter cover, pinch together the two fasteners on each side of the cover and then pull it straight off.

Step 6:

6- Slide the old cabin air filter out.

Step 7:

7- Slide the new cabin air filter back in with the air flow direction indicator arrow pointing down

Step 8:

8- Line up the cabin air filter cover and push it into place until both of the fasteners make a "click" sound.

Step 9:

9-Push the retaining arm back into place.

Step 10:

10- Close the glove box.

Step 11:

11- DONE!!! :D



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