Introduction: How to Reset Windows 7 Password

In this tutorial, I will show you how to reset Windows 7 user password

You will need the Windows 7 installation DVD

I am running Windows 7 as a Virtual Machine for demo purpose

Step 1: Boot Into Windows 7 Installation DVD

Picture of Boot Into Windows 7 Installation DVD

Click 'Next'

Step 2: Take Note of Windows 7 Drive Letter

Picture of Take Note of Windows 7 Drive Letter

In this example is drive E

Step 3: Click 'Command Prompt'

Picture of Click 'Command Prompt'

To access COMMAND PROMPT window

Step 4: Replace UTILMAN.exe With CMD.exe

Picture of Replace UTILMAN.exe With CMD.exe

-Replace drive letter E with your Windows 7 drive letter

To backup utilman.exe, run command:

copy e:\windows\system32\utilman.exe e:\

-Replace utilman.exe with cmd.exe

copy e:\windows\system32\cmd.exe e:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

-Click 'Restart' to reboot Windows

Step 5: Click 'Easy Access' Icon

Picture of Click 'Easy Access' Icon

It will execute cmd.exe which open up command prompt window

Step 6: Reset User Password

Picture of Reset User Password

-To reset user password (ex: administrator), run command:

net user administrator 1234

-Replace 1234 with your own password

-Login Windows with that user and the new password

Step 7: Restore Utilman.exe

Picture of Restore Utilman.exe

-You will need boot back into Windows 7 installation DVD

-Choose 'Next', then 'Repair your computer'

-Take note of Windows 7 drive letter where it's being install

-Select 'Command Prompt'

-To replace current utilman.exe with the backup in earlier step, run command:

copy e:\utilman.exe e:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

-Click 'Restart' to reboot Windows

Step 8: Check Ease Access

Picture of Check Ease Access

-Click on Ease Access to make sure it's the version we just restore

-Login Windows

Step 9: Delete Backup Utilman.exe

Picture of Delete Backup Utilman.exe

In Windows, delete e:\utilman.exe (backup copy of utilman.exe we copy earlier to root drive)

Step 10:

Step 11:


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