How to Resin a Painting or Drawing





Introduction: How to Resin a Painting or Drawing

Resin is so versatile, but here is one luscious application - use it as a super thick and glossy finish for traditional paintings and drawings. It will work on any acrylic, oil, or mixed media drawing or painting on a rigid, non-porous surface.  Easy!  Pretty!



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    This is great you gave me a fantastic idea for a painting. When I do it I'll show you what you inspired :)

    I'm sorry - I think You tube was weird with the sound over the weekend, but it seems OK now... If it continues to be a problem I can re-upload it. :-)

    Sound is very low and can't be adjusted from our end. Please upgrade sound so we take full advantage of your great Instructable. THANKS.

    This is beautiful, but I can't understand a word of spoken English. PLEASE PUT CAPTIONS!