Adobe Photoshop is a digital image editing application for the Internet, print, and other new media disciplines. Photoshop editing skills have a broad relevancy. Social Media is extremely popular in today’s society. Sites like Pinterest, Facebook, LiveJournal, Model Mayhem, LinkedIn, Photo.net all have size limitations for images. With the ever expanding social media, Photoshop has many tools and effects that allow users to alter and enhance photos. 

This Instructables article will show you how to resize two different ways, crop, and desaturate a photo using Adobe Photoshop with a PC or Mac. Below you will find a video that demonstrates how to desaturate a photo. 

Step 1: Step 1: How to Resize a Photo (1st Option)

Open Adobe Photoshop, which should look like this. 
As someone who has never used Adobe Photoshop I thought these instructions were done really well. The pictures made what could be really complicated much simpler. If you just revise a few small spelling mistakes I think these will be perfect! <br> <br>-Katie Kevershan Engl313
(Amanda Gilleland from ENGL313) <br>I agree with hanparkshan that your pictures really are vital to your instructions here. They really helped me grasp what to do, and I was able to complete all of the steps in around ten to fifteen minutes. There were a few spelling errors in a few steps that tripped me up a bit but I think those can be fixed easily. Overall great work, and I'm happy to be able to use Adobe Photoshop now to crop and resize photos.
To start, this is a good set of instructions with incredibly illustrative and helpful pictures. This would be a somewhat confusing process, but your pictures make it very clear which buttons you need to push and where they are located, eliminating possible confusion. The minor problems I came across were: <br>- I am not familiar with photoshop and thought that maybe it was a free program that could be downloaded. When I looked into it, I realized photoshop is a program you pay for and I did not have the software. You do say in the beginning that it is an application for the internet, is there a website where you can do this process? I wanted to try and do the steps, but I did not know how to get photoshop in the first place. Maybe add that in for people who are not familiar with it? Or say that this instructable assumes you already have photoshop? <br>- There are a few spelling errors, probably just typos, on a few steps. <br>- The last sentence of Step 5 confused me. The wording of it made me re-read it a few times. Maybe take out &quot;to select photo&quot; and just explain that when you double click the photo it appears in Photoshop. <br> <br>Other than these few small snags, I got through the instructable and I understood the process.

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