-Difficulty: very low

-Time: 1 hour (without painting)

You need:


-stick glue




Step 1: Fold the Sheet

Fold the sheets of the newspaper.

I made strip of 3 cm width, using one newspaper.

I close each strip with stick glue..this make the basket very resistant!

Step 2: Weave the Base

Weave the base (4X4 in my case).

Step 3: Weave the Sides

Take a box as much as the base; this will help to weave the sides.

Take another strip and come together that with the stapler.

Step 4: Complete

Complete the first cycle and close that with the stapler.

Step 5: Complete

Complete till the end.

Step 6: Paint

Paint and decore as you want.

<p>wow, so beautiful</p>
Wow! This is great! You just saved me bunches of money on some under-the-bed baskets. Thanks so much! I'm totally making these in the next couple of days. &lt;3
<p>Thank you @Printy! I would like to see your baskets...I have much to learn by the other makers :)</p>
This is so much easier than I thought! Your photos are easy to follow. Thank you!
<p>@parisusa thank you so much! we just attached a video of how we folded and glued the strips. Unfortunately we couldn't put the video of how we twisted..but it's easy and impressive! We wanted to give a &quot;leather&quot; effect using acrylic paint (brown!)</p>

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