Step 8: Primer Pages

Here are some primer pages for testing your cartridge. You can use the individual color ones to purge a single color and the CMY and CMYK ones for testing all colors.

I just stick 'em jet down in a cup of boiling water. It works nearly every time. <br>I've done hundreds this way (I'm a PC support tech)
<p style="margin-left: 20.0px;">No, this did not work in my case. I'm using a pigment based ink, not a dye based one. The vacuum was definitely necessary. You can buy syringes that fit onto the nozzles that do the same thing but I have this pump so it was free for me.</p>
I refill my inkjet cartridges to save hundreds of dollars. So it does'nt get struck.<br> <a href="http://www.cheapinkcartridges4u.co.uk/" rel="nofollow">ink cartridges cheap london</a>
Interesting. A month or so ago, I unblocked a blocked cartidge using liquid soap for cloth, containing ethoxylated alcohol. I learn to do that here in Instructables.
&quot;liquid soap for cloth, containing ethoxylated alcohol&quot; Huh? Would you care to translate? Do you mean, perhaps, liquid laundry detergent? Where's the link to that Instructable? I'd like to see it.
Yes, that laundry detergent. Yesterday I look a while for that instructable, but I can't found it. Maybe you are luckier...

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