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Learn the basics of rhinestoning shoes, clothing, hats, etc. After reading you will know what type of stones to use, what adhesive and where to buy these supplies, as well as how to select the correct size stones for each project, and how to glue the stones on.

Step 1: Identifying Proper Rhinestone Size for Project

Picture of Identifying Proper Rhinestone Size for Project
When you decide you want to rhinestone an item whether it is a purse, shoes, belt, hat or clothing, you should first decide where you will be embellishing the item and come up with a general design or outline. The reason I suggest this is because if you are rhinestoning a hat, for example, you will likely be gluing rhinestones along the seams or the edge of the brim, etc. To have your finished project look sharp you must determine what the width is of the spots you will rhinestone, and choose the sizes accordingly. If you have a 1 mm seam and you use 1.5 mm stones they will overlap and look sloppy. Similarly, if you use a .75 mm stone in the same seam, they will be too small and the hat may end up looking like you had extra stones that you wanted to use up!
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Hi, Do u know which is the best glue to use for tennis shoes?
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