video How to Ride a Unicycle!
The basics of how to ride a unicycle!
PaleoPunk4 years ago
Unicycle.com is a good unicycle resource.
rimar20005 years ago
Very good. Here's a suggestion to help: If you put captions (subtitles) in the video, we the non-anglo-speaching can read it. It's much harder to understand a foreign language listening it that reading it.
When I write anglo-speaching I meant anglophone.
dashi5 years ago
cool-iosis on a stick
wenpherd5 years ago
This is great! I always wanted to ride a Unicycle, but how much do they cost?
Marsh (author)  wenpherd5 years ago
I got the one in the video for $30 on craigslist and it's perfect. You can get a brand new high end unit for about $100-150.
ekosph25006 years ago
This is cool man. Thank you for doing this.