Introduction: How to Rip+Convert the Audio From Bioshock Infinite PC Game

Ok, Now that I actually have some free time from class I wanted to share with all of you how to get all of the Audio off of the game and convert it to MP3 or whatever format you want. 


Step 1: What You Will Need

The PC Bioshock Infinite game (sorry guys, this will not work with XBox 360 or PS3 game) 

The latest version of ww2ogg with the new codebins, and revorb.exe. (google it)

Riveal (google)

The .bnk file extractor (google)

Sawyer's wavnamer  (google)

Audio File Converter (google, I used AVS AUDIO CONVERTER_

Step 2:

Create a new folder on your desktop ( I named mine Bioshock Infinite Audio, you will also create several subfolders in this folder, but that is a little bit later) and extract the following files in it

Step 3:

Create a .bat file called "Runner_Start.bat" in your folder on the desktop, and enter the following code:

for %%a in (*.bnk) do bnkextr.exe "%%a"

(If you do not know how to create a .bat file, just open up NOTEPAD, the enter the code above, and then go to File, SAVE AS, the instead of the TXT file extension click the other option)

Now Create another .bat file called "Runner.bat" in your folder on the desktop, and enter the following code:

for %%b in (*.WAV) do ww2ogg.exe --pcb packed_codebooks_aoTuV_603.bin "%%b"
for %%c in (*.OGG) do revorb.exe "%%c"
del *.bnk
del *.wav


These are going to be the files that contain all of the songs and most of the audio dialog in the game. 

 First, Run Riveal, and set the folder for Game Data to "*steam folder*\steamapps\common\Bioshock Infinite\XGame\Content\Audio\Packed\Windows\Packs" (This will also get the .pck file in the subfolder English (US)). (I had mounted my game to my hard drive so this would go faster, so as you can see in the pic my directory was slightly different)

 Create a new folder on the desktop and call it "Packs". Set the Extracted File Folder to your "Packs" folder on the desktop.

Uncheck "Pictures" and "Movies".

 Hit "Extract Files" and close it when it's finished.

Step 5:

 Copy packs-wavnamer.cmd,, ww2ogg.exe (make sure that you copy this file and not the other ww file that is extracted in the tools folder or else all of the files will delete themselves), revorb.exe, packed_codebooks.bin, packed_codebooks_aoTuV_603.bin and Runner.bat to the Packs folder on your desktop.

 Run packs-wavnamer.cmd, then run Runner.bat.

 You will see the command prompt doing its thing , sit back and relax there are ALOT OF FILES to go through for both files you just ran. the first file , packs-wavnamer.cmdconverts all of the native files to .wav format, but not the .wav that your pc will understand/play, this is where the second file that you made Runner.bat. comes into play, it takes the .wav file and converts it to the .OOG audio format which can be converted to any audio format that you want with a audio converter program.

Step 6:

Now copy packs-en-wavnamer.cmd,, ww2ogg.exe, revorb.exe, packed_codebooks.bin,
and Runner.bat to the English (US) subfolder inside the Packs folder on your desktop.

Run packs-en-wavnamer.cmd, then run Runner.bat

Once again you will see both cmd files you ran do their thing, it will take a while because of all of the files so be patient 

Delete everything that isn't a .ogg file in both the main Packs folder and the English (US) subfolder.

Step 7: Audio Conversion

(Optional) Convert the .ogg files to whatever suits your preference with an audio converter. I used AVS AUDIO CONVERTER and set the conversion to .MP3.

The cool thing about AVS is that you can select the ADD FILE BUTTON and go to ADD FOLDER , select your folder, and it will include ALL of the audio files in the folder and any subfolders in the folder that you selected.

Once Again sit back and relax because this will take awhile to convert all of the files in both folders. If you look at the pic where it says TOTAL DURATION it is converting a total of 15 HRS, 11MINS, and !! SECONDS worth of audio files. hope you have some RAM in your system for this or the program might get stuck. 


these are mostly sounds/effects, and things like that. 

Create a new folder on your desktop called "Banks". Inside it, create a subfolder called "English (US)".

 Copy the .bnk file in "*steam folder*\steamapps\common\Bioshock Infinite\XGame\Content\Audio\Packed\Windows\Banks" to your Banks folder on the desktop. (once again, my dvd for the game is mounted to my hard drive, this makes the gameplay smoother and dam near eliminates any load times, so my directory is a little different. 

Then, copy the .bnk file in "*steam folder*\steamapps\common\Bioshock Infinite\XGame\Content\Audio\Packed\Windows\Banks\ English (US)" to the English (US) subfolder in your Banks folder on the desktop.

Step 9:

 The same principles apply to this folder that we did for the other folder for the extraction but with different files

Copy Runner_Start.bat, banks-wavnamer.cmd,, ww2ogg.exe, revorb.exe, packed_codebooks.bin, packed_codebooks_aoTuV_603.bin and Runner.bat to the Banks folder on your desktop.

Run Runner_Start, then run banks-wavnamer.cmd, then run Runner.bat.

Once again , sit back , relax, it is going to be awhile for these cmd files to do their thing.

Now copy Runner_Start.bat, banks-en-wavnamer.cmd,, ww2ogg.exe, revorb.exe, packed_codebooks.bin, packed_codebooks_aoTuV_603.bin and Runner.bat to the English (US) subfolder inside the Banks folder on your desktop.

 NEXT Run Runner_Start.bat, banks-en-wavnamer.cmd, then run Runner.bat  (SAME ADVICE AS ABOVE)

 NOW Delete everything that isn't a .ogg file in both the main Packs folder and the English (US) subfolder. (Just like the Packs folder)

Step 10: Audio Conversion

 Convert the .ogg files to whatever suits your preference with an audio convertor. Once again I did this with AVS AUDIO CONVERTER, just like the PACK FOLDER , once again this will take some time. 

Step 11:

Now here is the good stuff, I actually have the game soundtrack, but the game does not inculde any of the cool remakes of the hit songs that they put in the game.... SO instead of you trying to find MOST OF THEM , I DID IT FOR YOU (your welcome). 

here is the files you want. 

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-121.mp3", "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-527.mp3", and "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-109.mp3" are a bunch of Songbird cries,Very loud, very screechy.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-199.mp3", "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-517.mp3", and "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-482.mp3" are when they are singing right before the raffle. If anyone wants "Goodnight, Irene," that's the file. "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-474.mp3" is fading in.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-238.mp3" is the La Mer from BioShock.

"CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-271.mp3", "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-393.mp3", and "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-575.mp3" areWill the Circle Be Unbroken chorus singing from the opening area to the game.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-262.mp3" is making whoopie.

"CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-344.mp3" is the song Elizabeth dances to at Battleship Bay.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-440.mp3" is the Barber Shop Quartet singing God Only Knows. (Beach Boys Song I think)

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-567.mp3" and "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-477.mp3" are the radio static with voices phasing in.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-550.mp3" is a clearer ingame version of The Readiness is All from the Hall of Heroes. This is in the offical game soundtrack, but the soundtrack version is set up as a vinyl record with lower quality.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-499.mp3" is Old Time Religion.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-553.mp3" is the Finkton music with repetitive beat for all the workers to follow.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-413.mp3" and "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-47.mp3" are humming.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-224.mp3" is the sound effect of the lighthouse and Columbia after doing the bells.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-264.mp3", "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-209.mp3", and "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-452.mp3" are sounds like the main version of the minigame music. There's other versions in there, though.

"CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-463.mp3" and "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-420.mp3" is the music for Anna's room

"CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-443.mp3" is Songbird crashing through a window.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-35.mp3" is a event with Songbird

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-548.mp3" is humming Will the Circle Be Unbroken.

"CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-282.mp3" is the Vox singing in victory. "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-105.mp3" is the fading out portion of this song, instead of the main file fading out. "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-97.mp3" is another portion of the music.

"CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-213.mp3" is drums.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-581.mp3" is people singing "ya dah, dah dah!" loudly.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-492.mp3" is the chain gang of men hammering rocks singing.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-61.mp3" and "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-278.mp3" are Lutece theme music.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-315.mp3" and "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-125.mp3" are loading screen music.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-173.mp3" is the ambient sound effect of machines which is also used in Industrial Revolution.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-427.mp3" is the sound effects for the raffle when you toss the ball.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-380.mp3" is a dying Comstock Songbird Statue.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-471.mp3" is a snippet of real world music, from a tear.

"CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-406.mp3" is Girls just wanna have fun, it is a portion of the actual Cindi Laupper song, from a Tear

"CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-610.mp3" is Girls just wanna have fun the instrumental Remake that you hear while in town There MIGHT BE another version of this where it has violin in it , I do not know/remember if any of you do let me know

"CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-296.mp3" is a remake of TAINTED LOVE

"CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-450.mp3" is a remake of Shiny Happy People

"CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-142.mp3" is red white and blue.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-318.mp3" and "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-343.mp3" are the kids going "whoa!" as they spin.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-30.mp3" is the clean, normal chord the statue plays before Songbird's approach."CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-606.mp3" is a portion of it. the C-A-G-E one is "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-21.mp3" That one is the normal calling calling chord. Another version of the normal chord is this "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-93.mp3"

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-16.mp3" is a clock noise

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-571.mp3" is the sound of Booker hitting one of the bells.

 "CombinedStreaming_SFX-pck-610.mp3" is very clear minigame music.

Step 12:

The new DLC comes out in a few, so you can either wait or just rip the DLC when you get it.


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