Step 11: Secure Pig to the Spit

Picture of Secure Pig to the Spit
Now there are a few different ways to secure the pig to the spit.  If you are using a commercial spit then slide the retaining spikes into position around the pig's jowls and literally into the rear end, and lock them onto the pig by tightening the set screws.  These, coupled with some bailing wire used to secure the trotters onto the secondary bar is all you need.  This process is shown in the first photo and is pretty straight forward.

If you have made your own spit then you'll need come up with something a little more inventive.  I chose to drill holes through my spit rod and insert additional smaller diameter steel rod into those holes.  Then, I used bailing wire tied around the front legs, mouth and that smaller diameter steel rod to secure the pig in place.  See second photo above.  That way, when you rotate the spit to cook the pig evenly, the pig doesn't just flop around to it's lowest point (back down, legs up).  

The first time I roasted a pig I got a little overzealous and drilled several holes all along the entire spit rod.  See third photo in this step.  Once the pig was on I took 1/2" steel rods and skewered the pig into position hell-raiser style, in addition to the bailing wire.  This was overkill, and a little scary for people to see in hindsight.  Since then I've opted for simply creating a hard point on the spit rod and securing the pig's feet to that point at the front and back like the scenario I've described in the previous paragraph.