Step 12: Chickens and Ducks and Stuff

Picture of Chickens and Ducks and Stuff
Remember the chickens that have been brining in a delicious bath of salt, lemon, herbs and spices from step 6?  Give them a good rinse and throw them onto the spit too.  The chicken roasting device that I created is a bit crude, but works very well.  You simply sandwich/clamp the chickens between the three rods and place it on the spit.  The photos above show them getting loaded up - they look as if they are going to escape...they did not. 

The key feature of the chicken roasting level is to have whatever is there be basted in the juices of the pig roasting above it.  Chickens roasted in pork drippings are some of the best chickens around.

The second photo above shows the chickens getting secured to the spit using just a simple BBQ skewer that passes through a hole in the spit rod.  Many options here, do what's easy and exciting for you.