Step 20: The Head

Picture of The Head
For some reason people are really really fascinated with pig head.  No one wants to eat it, but everyone wants to play with it and wear it as if it were their own head.  

I think this is because secretly inside, a lot of us really wish that we were animals instead of people.  It doesn't happen often, but sometimes, once we've had a few drinks, and are in close proximity of a roasted pig head, this desire comes out for all the internet to see. 

There's surely more to say about roasting pigs, but this is a good start, and I'll do my best to update the Instructable with all the good tips that I'm sure will come in as comments.  

Best of luck on your pig roasting adventures and be sure to invite me - I'll be looking for the fork in my door.
dselestial2 years ago
What a fabulous posting! I seldom read entire instructibles but this time I did and I was drooling the whole time! You did a great job in your attention to detail, pictures and humor! I loved it! Good job!
firefly682 years ago
Wow, seems like you spent almost as much time on this 'ible as you did roasting the pig! Excellent job all the way around.
perryw92022 years ago
This is great. I've cooked a number of these and even had then we prepared so they were fully cooked overnight and then taken them to a football game for tailgating. The best was cooking a lamb in a similar style overnight at the Rose Parade. if you haven't tried this.. you should.
Brings back great memories of wicked party's, great friends and great pigs!
Remember, It takes a lot of beer to roast a pig.
medicman2 years ago
Wow. I'm actually vegan, but this is one awesome party that I would love to be at. I'd just focus more on the cooking of the pig and the eating of the stuffing and of course the drinking of the beer.
You sir, know how to live.
chuckyd2 years ago
I think there is no bad way to cook a whole pig. I have had them open pit like yours, buried like in the islands, a wood fired brick oven, and a stainless steel cooker. The different methods yield different favors, and they are all good. However, I have come to like the wood oven or the SS cookers a great deal, because they seem to have more of the smokey flavor.

Regardless of the method used, the details are pretty much the same.

One note of caution, though. If you want a really fresh pig you will be buying it by the pound on the hoof. Just talk with your abbatoir to get the number of servings close.
Pattymouth2 years ago
OMGosh! This is amazing! We lived in New Zealand for a year & they did magic things with pigs, too, but they had to dig a massive hole, cover the pig with wet paper or cloths & surround the whole thing with hot river rocks then bury it again - a day-long messy job. I can't imagine how many neighbors want to come by to 'visit' when this baby is roasting. In fact, uh, what's your address? ;~}
gmgj2 years ago