Step 4: Preparation - Wood

Picture of Preparation - Wood
Split a whole lot of wood.  It takes a lot of hot coals to cook a pig.  The bigger the pig, the longer it cooks.  For the double pig we went through about half a bed of apple wood that we got from a local orchard in a medium sized pickup truck.  Having roasted pigs over wood split from apple, almond, walnut, eucalyptus and madrone trees, I honestly can say that I don't think the type of wood matters at all.  The denser the wood the longer it will burn.  That's about all you have to keep in mind.  

That being said, "apple wood" sure does have a nice ring to it though don't you think? 

Some people like the reliability of charcoal briquets for this step, and others, hardwood charcoal like Lazzaro.  Use whatever you prefer, but I will say, for the amount of wood we burned in order to keep the fire going for 8 hours, I'm glad we went with split wood over charcoal.

try not to use resinous woods (pine,oak, etc.) they leave soot on the food.