Step 8: Mount the Pig

Picture of Mount the Pig
Swine chew 6.2009 112.jpg
This step is fun - just look at the smiles on our faces!  

First, wash all work surfaces with hot water and soap.  If your surface is too difficult to wash, cover it with a tarp and wash the tarp.  

Remove the pig from the plastic wrap.

Take the pig and insert the spit rod into one end - it doesn't matter which on most spits.  Slide the rod through it's open body cavity and out the hole on the other side.

If your spit is much larger than 1" in diameter then you might need to break the hip bones in order to slide out the back of the pig.  I made the mistake of using a rod that was too thick the first time - not doing that again.  Better to go a little smaller on the spit rod and not have to break anything.  I don't mind getting my hands dirty, but I do have limits...somewhere.

Slide the pig into position along the spit until you've got it centered in place.  Remember to leave room for the legs to get tied in front and in back of the pig.

The photos make it all look very apocalyptic, I swear we washed our hands first and cleaned all of our work surfaces with soap before beginning.