Step 2: Add Aromatics and Vegetables

Picture of Add Aromatics and Vegetables
After searing, it's time to add some vegetables.

Adding things like onions and garlic will help flavor the pork roast while cooking.

Adding veggies makes it a rounded meal. Cooking them with the pork allows them to pick up some amazing flavor. Any hearty vegetable will probably do well. Potatoes are classic, as well as carrots. I've used sweet potatoes in the past too. Turnips, parsnips, celery, etc. could all be added. Consider it a: whatever you have in your fridge, type of thing. If you don't have a potato or some sort of starchy add, pork roast would pair with many starches, like a tomato sauced pasta, or maybe even polenta. It ruins the one pan idea, but it will still taste amazing.