Step 4: Take Delivery of Pig & Thaw it Out

Picture of Take Delivery of Pig & Thaw it Out
Unless you ask your butcher to thaw it out for you, the pig will arrive frozen solid. It's going to take a few days to thaw something this large. If you can get the butcher to thaw it for you, DO IT!

I typically obtain a large cardboard box and line it with a heavy plastic bag. Place your pig inside, and cover the pig with salt. I would start this process 2-3 days prior to the pig roast.

After a day or so, thin parts will start to thaw out, like the bacon, and the ribs. You will have to start putting ice on these parts to keep them cold while allowing the shoulders and hindquarters to thaw out.

The important point is to keep the pig just cold enough to prevent spoiling, but warm enough to allow it to thaw. Don't worry too much if the pig is still a little frozen on roasting day.