I've always fancied the idea of making my own clothes and ever since my adolescence, I have been cutting off and painting some of my dad's shirt that he was keeping inside the closet praying his tees would fit him again (well too bad for him, and good for me). This then evolved to painting jeans when my brother, who loves anything about Japanese anime and games, asked me to make something cool for a comic convention. It was the time when airbrush painting went popular as a method of painting almost anything, from t-shirts-to-jeans-to-coffee mugs that I got the idea from since it was rather expensive for us to have our jeans, shirts painted by a professional.

Due to lack of materials, I was left with no other choice but to use the conventional method of paint brush. I got myself acrylic and textile paint which is usually used for silk screening but instead of making out a stencil, aside from being part of this art group in school who are into mural and canvas painting that time, I was able to practice my freehand drawing skill and decided to try freehand brush painting.

One good thing and I can say advantage the paint brush method has over the smooth airbrush painting is the brush strokes shown on the design. I find airbrush artworks flat and lack depth compared to the brush stroke you would be able to produce using this method.


1) Jeans or t-shirts. I prefer cotton t-shirts.
2) Textile paint and acrylic for achieving varieties of colors. I just bought myself 5 textile colors namely: RED, BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE, BLACK; and a set of acrylic just for mixing to achieve more colors. Bear in mind that you should know how to mix paint and colors, just about the basics of color mixing. You can always use the trial and error method for color mixing until you achieve the desired shade or consult this website for more information.
3) Paint brush of various sizes (000, then 00, 0, 1, 2, and up) which will vary according to the measurement of your design. 
4) Mixing plate, containers, for mixing the paint.
5) Any measurement tool: T-square, Ruler, Tape Measure.
6) Pencil or tailors chalk for drawing the outline.
7) Any hard material that would fit inside the jeans and shirt like chopping board or thin drawing wood board.
8) Design pattern.
9) Freehand drawing skill.
<p>Nice Work!</p>
You should do this at anime conventions. I could see someone paying 80 bucks for some attack on titan pants ;)
Luv ya!!!!!!!(and Naruto)
Awesome! :)
Yea! Naruto! Very nice art skills you've got. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you! :)
REALLY nice work. I definitely admire the work of a freehand artist like myself, we're a rare breed out chea. <br> <br>1 thing I'm puzzled about is why you haven't made the transition from freehand painting to stencil work. A friend of mines from Brazil designs alot of her t-shirts this way: <br> <br>http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs49/i/2009/221/f/9/Sonic_Youth_Stencil_by_emelyjensen.jpg <br> <br>http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/236/f/d/wolf_stencil_by_emelyjensen-d47nslu.jpg <br> <br>and her mentor is just as talented: <br> <br>http://www.flickr.com/photos/sbarsiniestro/4988153468/in/set-72157603739549961 <br> <br>http://www.flickr.com/photos/sbarsiniestro/4058644484/in/set-72157603739549961 <br> <br>I thought your work was at least airbrushed until I got a closer look. Maybe you should experiment/upgrade to stencils and see what happens (for templates use transparencies--clear plastic of course. They work the best for projects like that).
Wow! Those are really impressive stencils. Maybe I'll try to do stencil next time. Thanks for checking this ible out! :)
cool, cool.............:)<br><br>if you aren't familiar with how to make stencils i know a tut that is AWESOME and the best I've used so far and always use:<br><br>http://www.stencilrevolution.com/forum/tutorials/159-how-to-make-multi-layer-stencils-photoshop-illustrator
Have you ever tried to paint on spandex/lycra? I want to paint a green suit of mine to sort of look like Sgt. Frog (white front, yellow star) but I'm afraid it might turn out terribly. Maybe I'll do an instructable when I get around to it :P
No, I haven't tried painting on spandex/lycra yet, but I think you need to stretch it out to paint it over and the hardest part, in my opinion, is estimating the stretch to get the perspective correctly.
Yeah I think I'll wear the suit and then paint it/have my sister help me paint it. Thanks for the reply!
Do you then have to handwash the clothing after that or can you throw it with the others in the machine?
Handwash first time and then you can throw it in the machine later on. :)
You have such impressive skills in art ! I like your style !
Thank you. :)
neat work you have there :)
Thanks! :)
I think most anime artists are cool with fans doing tribute art. my non expert opinion.
Thanks for checking this ible out! Yep, this is purely fanart. :)
You do have to be aware of copyright laws, but very cool!
Thanks for checking this ible out! I'm aware of the copyright laws, at least in my country. :)
Woot! Naruto!
i like this. only I would put on something from Akira, Wolf's Rain, or a Rumiko Takahsahi/Hayao Miyazaki character. neat though
I love Akira, Wolf's Rain too, Inuyasha characters are a bit dull because of the color scheme, Hayao on the other hand are perfect. :)
wouldn't this be considered illegal? even so i would want one with Calvin and Hobbes, Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa, Princess Mononoke, Kiki's delivery service, lum, ten, benten, karuma, ryuunosuke, ranma, shampoo, akane, mousse, pchan, ryoga, panda, tetsuo, kaneda, tsume, kiba, toboe, hige, opus and bill the cat, and plenty more. those are just some of my faves. oh, and herb, mint, lime, saffron, and billions that Ive created myself. Naraku most of the time would be horrible on a t-shirt, but at other times, gooooooooooood. good job!
Not unless she's making money off of these images. You're talking like SOPA and PIPA got passed already. Chill with that homes--it's the holidays. ;D
How would this be illegal? Isn't this considered as fanart? Like what you submit on deviantart.com only that instead of the conventional drawing on paper, you draw on jeans and plain shirts instead?! Anyway, you must really love Rumiko Takahashi. You mentioned characters from Ranma 1/2. I once did a Ranma 1/2 mural for a friend and she loved it! I just don't know if she painted the wall over after high school. We hadn't seen each other after graduation. Anyhow, thanks for checking this ible'! :)
That is soooo cool!!!!!!!!
Thanks! :)
Nicely done!
Thanks! :)

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