Step 7: Some things to avoid.

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Adding Weights

To increase endurance/speed some people attach weights to their bodies with the theory that added mass= added work for body= added gain.
The downside is that your body is only designed for so much before it wears out. The current trend in fitness is to loose weight, not getting fat. Running is stressful on the body, tacking 30 lbs onto joints, bones and the heart can be too much.
A better idea is to run up hills or run stairs. The incline will work different muscles without putting too much stress on bones and joints.


That aint good for anybody. Drink plenty of water at night before running the next day. Its better to run in the morning or evening when its cooler but its still good idea to drink plenty of water before exercises and afterward.
If you have to drink alcohol, drink beer. Its better than distilled alcohol.
Beer is mostly water, a mixed drink is mostly sugar.

But still drink some Gatorade or regular water as well.

The more you work out and the more your body becomes accustomed to the heat the more you sweat. So drink water to replace those lost fluids. It's a lot easier to drink water than it is for someone to find a vein and push a liter of fluids into you while your passed out.

Its recommended to drink a quart of water an hour before physical activity.

Running with music.

Running outdoors with music is very bad. Someone could sneak up behind you and assault you or you could get hit by a car. Plus its illegal in some areas. Remember to keep your eyes and ears open.
If you want to enjoy some music, head over to a gym and grab a treadmill or run on an indoor track.
Ipods make great gifts for thieves. Leave it at home.


Shaving your legs/head/various body areas will probably not increase your run time. And you will look like a freak in the locker room at the gym. People will look, and they will talk.
Plus hair does grow back. Remember when your sitting in class or the office and your itching badly.


Avoid the get rich quick schemes. If you cant pronounce it, you probably don't need it.
Multivitamins Okay
Calcium Okay
Ibuprofen Okay

gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid Not Okay
Atropine/epinephrine Not Okay.
Testosterone/ human growth hormones Not Okay.
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