Introduction: How to Run a 3D Printer

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3D printers are machines that are getting huge attention during the past years due to their capability of building high quality objects. Especially, these machines have become popular in the field of engineering, and colleges and industries are using these machines for prototyping purposes. For example, GE Aviation uses these machines frequently to porotype engine parts. Futurologists believe that 3D printers are the beginning of a third industrial revolution. Following instruction can help you on how to run a 3D printer.

Step 1: Material Preparation

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1-Purchase your filament. You can either buy it from the 3D printer manufacturer or an online shopping websites like Amazon.

2- SD card (memory of 1GB is enough for most applications)

3- SD card reader

4- Plier or cutter

5- Electronics Compressed-gas Duster.

Step 2: Filament Placement

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Insert the filament inside the 3D printer. The filament’s location is shown by an arrow.

Step 3: Filament Loading

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Load the filament to the Nozzle entrance. Then, start loading the filament by pressing the load button on the printer digital interface.

Step 4: Opening Printer Software

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On a computer, open your part using the printer software. (You can find the printer software by searching its brand in the search bar. In this case, the printer that I used was Dremel. I searched “Dremel”, and I found the software.)

Step 5: Save the Part/ Transfer to Printer

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Save the part in a SD card. Then, insert the SD card into the printer, like the following figure. (The SD card slot is on the back or right side of the printer.)

Step 6: Build Mode

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Choose the build option in the printer digital interface.

Step 7: Start Printing

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Choose the part that you would like to print from the SD card.

Step 8: Printer Is Running!

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When you start running, the printer automatically start building the object. No further action is needed. As you can see in the picture, the “Time Remaining: 2:39”. Usually, the print takes 2-5 hours for prototyping applications.

Step 9: Done!

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After printing is complete, turn off the printer and clean up the inside of printer. Hope you have enjoyed 3D printing. It is a simple process, and printer manufacturers try to make it even simpler!


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Great 3D printing project.

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