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Introduction: How to SAFELY Fry a Turkey

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I know there are many how-to Fry a turkey Instructables already so I will refrain from reiterating proper oil levels, having fire extinguishers on hand, keeping away from combustibles, completely thawing and drying the birds and the such.

The most dangerous time in turkey frying is putting it in, and taking it out and this is where I'll focus.

You will need:

Fryer kit
2' piece of dimensional lumber (1x2 or 2x4)
3/8" Rope

Step 1: Set Up

Set up your fryer outside away from houses and vehicles. This is a fire hazard.

Fill the fryer to a predetermined level.

Set up ladder over the pot. Tye pulley to your board and position over the opening of the pot.

Step 2: Rig It Up

When the oil is hot rig up your turkey.

Attach your kits retrieval handle to the end of a 8-10 rope and thread through pulley.

With a smaller piece if rope tie it to your board.

Place board across Rungs of ladder.

Tye the other end of your rope off on a rung and hang your turkey.

Step 3: Lowering Away!

Untie the bitter end and slowly lower it in.

Step 4: Removal

Hook your bird and pull it up when its done. You can let it drain over the pot on the line.

Step 5: Be Safe.

Remember to apply common sense when dealing with fryers. 1000's of turkey fryer accidents happen every year, the majority of which could have been avoided with safety precautions.

Be safe and enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving



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    You just know when there's rope and pulleys in the equipment list, a cooking instructable's gonna be fantastic :D

    And here's what happens when your not safe-


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    william shatner will come and inform me on how unsafe i am?

    stolen from "Good Eats" American food tv show.

    I have been deep frying turkeys for holidays and family events for some time. One suggestion I would like to add is that once the oil is up to temperature you can turn off the burner. Then put the turkey into the oil. Once the turkey is in and worst of the moisture boil off is done (shouldn't take more that a minute) you can relight the burner. That way if there are any accidents or surprising burst of steam and oil vapor the flame will not be there as an ignition point.

    I've been frying turkeys for 10 years. His instructables is good, but epic failure on the mess left behind on driveway. DUDE, you should have put down a sheet of plywood or at least some large flat cardboard box panels to "soak up" the oil you spilt, yo

    Oh and this was already done with Alton Brown on Good Eats (you obviously got it from him).


    A good instructable as far as it goes. I'd recommend watching Alton Brown's episode on frying turkeys.. Can be seen at youtube. But you don't get to the step ladder "turkey derrick" and the actual frying until the third part. I really must be from hicksville. Oil on the driveway? Shrug, oil on the driveway is a natural state for a driveway. Though I'd use floor dyr to sop up as much as possible, because I never know when I'd have lay or sit on that spot. Safety to all those fry cooks the upcoming holiday season. Keep the young apprentices safely back from the action

    That oil has left an almighty mess on your driveway! Your wife will not be happy.

    4 replies

    That's why I did it in the Neighbors driveway ;o)

    That my friend is a WIN :D

    edit: Needless to say, Your neighbors wife is prolly not happy :)

    Heh... I've posted this several times but no one cleaned up rather easily and left no stain.

    Yup, So what if you spilled - a little bit of drain cleaner flakes/powder spread over the spillage, left for a few minutes and hosed down properly will take care of it in a flash. Less effort and much cheaper than kitty litter/ruining the lawn.

    Dont touch the fries in the hot fat it really hurts bad and so do skin grafts! Would you like an apple pie with that?

    2 replies

    DING fries are done, DING fries are done...

    Nice to find camaraderie among the sickos out there!

    Im glad someone picked up on that...heh heh

    That turkey was probably fantastic, but now you must be prudent wiyh your car: you now have a slipery garage entrance...

    I have a similar setup, but I use it on the grass to avoid the oil mess. Definitely better with the ladder & pulley setup.

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    Yes pfdradio, definitely dont do it on your concrete like this guy. Huge mess and stain. Do it out on the grass, or over a piece of plywood or something.

    So it takes a hoisting pulley system to put a 10-12 pound bird in the oil?
    First off if you knew anything about frying a bird you would put cardboard
    underneath the fryer.
    Next use a long glove and slowly put the bird in the oil. If the bird is dry and the butt is cut off, there's no problems.
    This comes from a Cajun where turkey frying was invented.
    Now go look up Cajun Microwave for the roasted version of a gobbler.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.