I know there are many how-to Fry a turkey Instructables already so I will refrain from reiterating proper oil levels, having fire extinguishers on hand, keeping away from combustibles, completely thawing and drying the birds and the such.

The most dangerous time in turkey frying is putting it in, and taking it out and this is where I'll focus.

You will need:

Fryer kit
2' piece of dimensional lumber (1x2 or 2x4)
3/8" Rope

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Step 2: Rig it up

When the oil is hot rig up your turkey.

Attach your kits retrieval handle to the end of a 8-10 rope and thread through pulley.

With a smaller piece if rope tie it to your board.

Place board across Rungs of ladder.

Tye the other end of your rope off on a rung and hang your turkey.

Step 3: Lowering away!

Picture of Lowering away!
Untie the bitter end and slowly lower it in.

Step 5: Be safe.

Remember to apply common sense when dealing with fryers. 1000's of turkey fryer accidents happen every year, the majority of which could have been avoided with safety precautions.

Be safe and enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving