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Okay I get it now, there has to be a definitive blessing given to you in order for you to start using a 3D printer. I had Jesse give me the verbal blessing to use the 3D printing MakerBot Thing-o-matic that we have here at TechShop. You've seen my I made it at TechShop posts before right? *

Make a Mixer
Design it

and now this one has it too. I'll explain that in a minute. For now, how do you get the blessing? Read this Instructable. 


What chooooo talking bout Willis? 

Sit down at the thing and start printing parts without fear. Don't touch it with a wrench, hammer or other implement of destruction nor consciousnesses of mind to seek revenge against the bot. If repG comes up with a message that suggests Robots are taking over the world, make note of it (we've been waiting for this day) and reply to the bot letting it know you're on the robots side.

You really don't need to read the rest. Just grab your computer, download RepG or sit at the computer next to the bot and open RepG then follow your nose. If you can read an Instructable you can print a 3D object.

Otherwise how on earth are you going to break it from a keyboard??? You're not.

It's a printer!!! We've learned over the last 20 years that if a printer breaks it's the printers fault not the printer. Wait, I mean it's the machines fault not the persons. I accept irresponsibility for this post, if you break the printer by hitting send to the bot I'll fix it for you at no charge. If it breaks itself, TechShop has a policy about not holding it's members responsible for things that happen while you're standing next to things that break. That's what things do eventually, so in said case - they can fix it. Hit it with the hammer and I'm not fixing it and you're probably going to have to pay TechShop to fix it.

Also tell me if you prove me wrong, I'll write an Instructable about how to break a MakerBot with a keyboard and I'll take another class. Maybe a safety class. I have like 50 classes to go. You haven't heard the last of me. I'll be back. Cliche cliche cliche :-)


It's no secret that I include that link because I get free classes at TechShop when I write these articles. It's how I pay for my classes when I don't have a job, but it is every member's privilege at this time to write and Instructable and get a free class. Why? Because every time someone Google's How do I do this, finds an answer and sees that it was made at TechShop they might want to come down here, take a tour, sign up for a membership and OMG TechShop will make another $125 off of their multi-million dollar investment. I pay my membership dues, but then I have to earn free classes by spending a little time here talking to you. The TechShop/Instructables agreement is the best agreement I've come across in a long time. I have to pay Nike for a shirt that I wear out into public to advertise for them. Enough about how much of a sucker I am when it comes to the MarcRoth/Nike agreement.

If the TechShop/Instructables agreement were a secret, I don't think they would put a 2' x 4' poster up that tells everyone to write Instructables and earn classes.

What is a secret? Why do I go so deep promoting TechShop when all they said was include a link when you post a how to? Cause they kind of saved my life. Or at least that's how I see it. This isn't the place to kvetch about my life, in fact I have no complaints, but I don't want the benefits of TechShop in my life to be unsung either. If you care to learn more about me, I've found a place to tell my story and it's here for you to read.

A man in fear of shame
A man finding his way to employment in an economy that doesn't seem to have room to employ him.

It stings ("that's pride ____ with you" Marcellus Wallace) and a makes me shiver to talk about this, I hope you don't think less of me now. I'm paying a price everyday to stay in walking distance of TechShop (if it weren't here and San Francisco public health care too, I'd be in Vegas). Risk and reward, TechShop makes all of this well worth what it's costing me.
igna94igna3 years ago
Hi, I'm building a CNC milling and I want use Replicator G, I can do that if my machine have a milling cutter instead of a extruder?, I if this is posible what tipe of machine I have to select in the replicator menu "machines". My machine uses Polulu a4988 and arduino and I'm not based in any other CNC milling.
jbhome3 years ago
ya know this reminds me of the pre windows days. For each app, you needed a printer driver for each printer, mouse, display etc.
perhaps it's time to consider universal printer model with a driver/translator that converts/abstracts the individual printer to the more generic universal printer.
just my two cents, or is it twenty dollars with inflation

wilgubeast3 years ago
This is one of my favorite intros I have read to any project on Instructables. Ever. Testify, my friend.