Picture of How to Save Energy
This is a very easy instructable. You need almost no materials!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1. Anything that uses energy.

*You don't have to use what I used. You can use whatever you want.

Step 2: How to do it

Picture of How to do it
Now, press the power button on whatever your using. You'll notice the device will stop working. Don't worry. It only turned off.

Afterward, you could read a book, go outside and play, or basically anything you want!

Step 3: What's the point?

You have now helped save the Earth!!! Good job! Remember, you can do this with ANY electronic device!
tee hee!
jj.inc5 years ago
kescott6 years ago
I was so bored.
Landon5316 years ago
Are you serious? That's not an Instructable! It's common knowledge! You should post things that would really help the environment.
Jeeperswim (author)  Landon5316 years ago
It was more of a copout. Maybe it will appeal to some other people...