How to Save Energy and Money!





Introduction: How to Save Energy and Money!

Surprisingly simple steps on how to help your bank account and our planet...



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    Ceiling fans produce heat as they spin, and cost money to power. I don't think that using them is a very economical solution.

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    An AC unit cost about 26-30 cents a min. to run while a fan only cost 1 cent to run, then there is the added benefit that others are mentioning...Cool air is lower to the thermostat. so it does not have to kick on the AC unit that much.

    It depends on the space that you're using them in. If it's an area with a high ceiling, you can either cool or heat the room at floor level (depending on which direction you run the fan). This, in turn, causes central air systems to operate less. That is where both the energy and money are saved. The energy used to power the fan is considerably less than that of the central air system.

    fans should be turned off when you leave a room, generally. Here's a tip, in the summer have a thermometer inside and out, and if it is cooler outside than in, you should open the windows. If it is hot outside, you should close them.

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    you are kidding me, right?

    wow ty i never knew of the switch on the fan now my rooms alot cooler ty i love u!

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    what a priceless problem!


    why would you turn it up in the summer?

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    because then your air conditioner won't kick in unless it's 2 degrees hotter. Air conditioning is as you may recall the cause of just about every brown/black out in the USA. This gives me an excuse to get naked from june til september - - for the environment...

    Hahhhaah...thanks for answering that reply harlyquin...sorry bec for the late reply from me. As harlyquin so eloquintly put it, the running fan actually delays the central air cooling system from kicking on by keeping the cool air lower in your house(where the thermostat typically is). I just have to laugh at the "excuse for being naked from june til september part" That's great.

    26 power plants- sorry, that's not a unit of energy.

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    I think you misread that. The message says "yearly energy wasted from these 'sleeping devices' is equal to the yearly output of about 26 power plants." That statement isn't intended to reference units of energy. It is intended to show simple equivalency. Hopefully that will clear it up for you. Thanks for watching :)