How to Save Instagram Pictures


Introduction: How to Save Instagram Pictures

Just follow the steps and it should be easy enough.

Are you a visual learner like me? Try watching this video that I made showing the whole process step by step

Step 1: It's Really Easy!! Just Follow the Steps Shown in the Video

Step 1 - Open the image that you want to save and hit refresh to go to the permalink

Step 2: Keep Going

Step 2 - Click the image with the right button and hit inspect element (firefox)

Step 3: Almost Done

Step 3 - Find the right div class,select the url and open it on a new tab

Step 4: Last Step

Step 4 - Right click the image and save it to your gallery. You are DONE!!

Have Fun!

Step 5: Visual Learner? Try This Video That I Made Showing the Whole Process



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    So simple! Do you have photo examples of your steps?

    1 reply


    I don't know why but the video I made showing how to save the pictures is not showing up here... Anyway, here goes the link:

    Make sure to share it around if you learned something new :D