Step 4: Completing the Repair

For this step, I used a wood filler and decided to work with a water-based product from Ace Hardware. There are many wood fillers on the market and probably any of them would have been fine. The first layer was pretty thick so I waited a full 24 hours before applying a second layer. I also applied filler to other nicks and scratches on the seat. After the second layer was dry (about 4 more hours) I was able to sand it down.
<p>Plywood might be able to be relaminated, say by taking a single ply of new wood and regluing, but I don't know if it would work. And for price of repair you could probably buy a new chair.</p><p>Good luck with your oroject.</p>
<p>Hi, Nice job. I am glad I found this job</p><p>I have chair like this one and the wood is damaged at the bend ....any suggestions on how to fix the wood so I can keep it as it is ? I appreciate any suggestions or help</p><p>See pictures</p>
<p>Nice work! </p>
beautiful job! thank you for saving the chair.that's recycling at it's best!
This chair looks fantastic--I wonder how someone managed to break that poor chair in half? Great instructable!<br />
Something catch my interest in this post, it was Arne. <br /> Just a beautiful work you&acute;ve done here to save this chair, go and look for a complete set of Arne Stools now.<br />
Nice job saving that chair. <br /> <br /> You can also use auto body filler, such as Bondo for repairs to wood that you are going to paint. It may even be less expensive than the plastic wood filler you used.<br />
Thanks!<br /> I&nbsp;had originally thought of using Bondo - <br /> If for some reason the wood filler looses its bond, I'll definitely try it.<br />
Nice! I like the &quot;smooth&quot; look of the chair.
&nbsp;You definitely did that beautiful chair justice! And the yellow color is perfect. :D
Thanks!<br /> I love the chair and I love the yellow color too.<br />
Good work!!<br />
This is a beautiful piece - congrats!&nbsp; I like how you maintained the original lines and ended up with something that looks like it was meant to be a stool.&nbsp; <br />
Thanks!<br /> It seems too nice to sit on! ;-)<br />
This is great, I just love using reclaimed materials. Good work :)<br />
Great work saving this chair! It a nice stool, the yellow completes it for sure.<br /> <br /> To think most people would just walk past and see nothing but trash.<br />

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