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You're an busy member of Instructables and other members are following you.

This is great. 'Following' is a nice way to stay in touch with the latest projects of your favorite makers and it's also a gentle way to express your recognition to other makers.

For some reason, though, you're deciding to fly below radar and to change cape.

To do something different.

Pollinate other flowers.

Shaving different wood.

Tasting new beer.

Ending the Instructables-thing, nam, it's been written.

This is great, also - at least for you.

But, you know that by doing this all those members will wait patiently your next Instructable, not knowing that this 'next Instructable' may take years to come. It's like a dog waiting for his boss, not knowing that he's been violently killed by the engine of an Russian airplane that crashed into his car earlier that day.

Something like that.

So, you start feeling guilty.

You'd better start feeling guilty, btw.

And you want to do a very last thing before you steer that plane below radar, into the beer you want to pollinate with that new shaver.

Step 1: Send Them All an Individual Message

Every member has a personal mailbox.

You can write your story down - honnestly & politely, a laugh & a tear - and send it to every follower.

If you have more than 3200 followers like me, this can take while.

Step 2: Skip the Individualism

Copy your first mail, and paste it in every next message.

This may look less personal, but you can always hope those members don't know each other personally and they won't find out.

But also, this, might take a while.

Step 3: Instructables!

Maybe the best option, you can just make a fake Instructable.

Every follower will get this 'next Instructable' in his list of updates and get it right away.

So, dear all, it's been a lovely ride on this site, but I'm definitely feeling the need to go below that radar-thing, for a while..

I've got a canoe that needs be build, for example. You'll find me here. Or elsewhere.

Thanx for all those years of support & constructive comment.

Never stop building.

Never. Stop. Building.


PardoByNight (author)2017-04-16

Sad to see you go but I hope you find all the best

deluges (author)2016-10-27

Comme on dit en France, putain de bordel de merde. Je me demandais où tu étais passé, et je m'apprêtais à t'écrire un message pour savoir si tout allait bien... Tu vas nous manquer, mais je sais que tu reviendras un jour, peut être ici, peut-être ailleurs. A la prochaine l'ami :) si je passe dans le nord je t'enverrai un message pour demander à voir ton canoé.

Bonne continuation,


bricobart (author)deluges2016-11-11

Salut mon ami! Je n'avais même pas encore vu ton message, désolé... T'avais raison, en faite! Je me suis donné un peu de temps pour mettre les choses en place car cet été je me suis un peu trop pris la tête.

Sympa d'avoir demandé de mes nouvelles, tu sais que tu es le bienvenue quand t'es dans le coin!

Bon weekend à toi,


Tecwyn Twmffat (author)2016-08-24

Actually this did not appear in my news feed ..... I found it by accident ....... I also know of at least one of the instructable robots that 'has gone bad' and is planning to emulate the 'Bricobart style' in his work. Bricobart may have retreated to the Underworld for a while, but his style will still keep hitting the features list, in more than one disguise I am sure.

It's definitely a good idea to take a break from pretty much everything every now and again and having a large number of followers is certainly an onerous responsibility. I think if I hit 3,000 followers I too would want to reinvent my personality. I'd like to come back as a sexy lady next time .... Or a robot ..... Or both. But good luck and thank you so very much for your work!

bricobart (author)Tecwyn Twmffat2016-08-27

I'm glad & honored with such compliments my friend, and without this site I never would have met that rebel on his island.

I never felt the pile of followers putting extra responsibility on my shoulders. I just do what I love to do and if people love it it's just fine, if they don't it's their problem, certainly not mine.

I quit because I didn't agree with the 'political correctness policy' of the site. Un-featuring projets if they seem over the edge, censoring comments and thus changing the way of existing discussions in the comment-section without preventing the author etc.

Way too old for this. If this is the way the site is managed it'll be without me. So far so good.

Tecwyn Twmffat (author)bricobart2016-08-29

PPS ...... I think you may be taking Instructables a little bit too seriously? You definitely need a holiday!

bricobart (author)Tecwyn Twmffat2016-08-31

Of course I take this serious. Beer, woodworking & some vegetables àre serious issues where no-one should make fun with. It's just, I don't like it when someone pees on my shoes aka 'tells me what to do'. Kindergarten mentality. Me don't like. Period. Not after all those years on the site. The moment it started working on my nerves came just before the moment I was done with it. No regrets, I still love the concept and I'll miss the interaction, but I've always been honest to myself and I don't see why I should do otherwise. But that holiday? Soon friend, soooooooooon!

Tecwyn Twmffat (author)bricobart2016-09-01

Fair enough ..... Let's not go into the details! ....... Enjoy your holiday and be sure to dodge those random Russian aircraft engines falling from the sky!

Tecwyn Twmffat (author)bricobart2016-08-27

Please tell me something that we did not know already!

Personally, I'm not that bothered about getting stuff featured as there's other ways of getting views that seems to be a lot more effective. Nor am I bothered about comments getting deleted and making me (the author) look stupid as 'stupid' is my, quite literally, my adopted second name.

My only worry at the moment is becoming too successful so obviously I need to explore the 'Edge' a bit more. The worst thing that can happen on instructables is to become some sort of 'honorary' figure or become a featured artist or such like. I was just talking to my next door neighbour who's writing a book and enjoys creating nice characters which the reader starts to get emotionally attached to ...... and then ..... suddenly ...... she kills them off in the most violent way possible.

Old? ....... Is the site just for kids? ........ Errrrr ........ I don't think so, but could be wrong? Where else can a person of our antiquity and dubious wisdom interact with teenagers in this world in any meaningful way if it's not displayed on a screen?

PS. If you ever want to come back to Instructables as a robot I can recommend a nice serial number for you. You will be missed!

Jobar007 (author)2016-08-17

I for one really appreciate all that you've done here. I'm going to miss the more regular updates, but I've also really been looking forward to that canoe. Good luck on it!

bricobart (author)Jobar0072016-08-27

Everything I've done I've done with great pleasure, and the moment this pleasure got bitter I quit the scene immediately, so nothing to worry about. When you realise that the hand that's feeding you is the same that's slapping you in the face, it's time to bite it...

PKM (author)2016-08-22

Awww... you were one of the members I subscribed to, not just because I like reading the stuff you've made, but also because I know I'm going to get a healthy dose of philosophical rambling and some new ideas from what you write. I know that "fly below the radar" feeling, hope we'll see you on the other side (of the channel? I'm still intending to buy you a fish'n'chips when you tip up on the beach in Sooky You)

bricobart (author)PKM2016-08-27

Thanx mate, a lot! You're one of those guys I should have thanked in personal, and I still appreciate those fish'n'chips on the dark side of the channel. Maybe I'll give it a try first with my conventional sea cayak, we'll see!

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